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Awesome Events and Offers This Weekend!

Awesome Offers & Events To Check Out This Weekend

The weekend is here again which means it’s time to go out and have fun. Sure to come in handy when looking for exciting...

Events and offers-This-Weekend-

Must-Attend Events & Offers This Weekend

January and its sixty something or more days is finally over and there’s no better reason to turn up and have fun this weekend. Kick...

Uhuru Kenyatt and son, Muhoho Kenyatta at Sugarcane Restaurant

Sorry Mr President, #NRW2016 Starts On Thursday

This past Sunday was probably the best day ever for the newly opened Carribean Restaurant, Sugarcane, after having the privilege of hosting...

Special offers and events

Fantastic Offers & Events You Must Check Out This Weekend

This past week has been characterized by dull, rainy weather and you shouldn’t let this hinder you from enjoying your favorite time...

Catch Chef Kiran Jethwa Tonight On The TV Series Premier -The Fearless Chef

Catch Chef Kiran Jethwa On Nat Geo’s New TV Series, The Fearless Chef

Award Winning Celebrity Chef Kiran Jethwa will be returning to your screens on Tuesdays as he takes on an epic culinary adventure TV Series...

weekend events and offers

Awesome Offers & Events Happening This Weekend

It’s our favourite time of the week again, the weekend, the perfect time to catch up with friends and family and have some quality...


Azura Restaurant Heats Up Mombasa!

I recently had the opportunity to check out Azura Restaurant in New Nyali Bridge, Mombasa. Barely six months old, this latest it-spot is...

green smoothie

Usher the Month with a Super Detox-The Healthy Way

Feeling unhealthy bloated and over-boozed of late? Sugary foods, alcohol and general excess can leave your liver overworked and...


Fabulous Weekend Offers & Events To Check Out

The holidays are over and there is a high chance they may have left our wallets and bank accounts a little bit worn out but this is no...

Coca-Cola Celebrates Christmas with a new Bow Bottle

Coca-Cola Celebrates Christmas With A New Ribbon Bottle

Remember Coca-Cola‘s signature red truck Christmas campaign? The beverage manufacturer is known to have a long standing affiliation...

To[p places to visit this New Year for events and offers

Top Places To Visit For New Year’s Events & Offers

The year has come to an end and it is time to celebrate the milestones achieved and welcome the new year. What better way to usher in the...

Top places to visit this Christmas 2015

Top Places To Visit For Christmas Events & Offers

Whether you have travel plans or you would prefer to stick around and enjoy the holidays at home, everyone will be doing something this...

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