Business Daily: Culinary Splendour At Urban Eatery

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Urban Eatery on the ground floor of PWC Towers in Westlands was the vibrant and airy layout. The stylish décor enhances the  modern, sleek setting. A beautiful venue for a meal during the day and lends itself to a swanky evening hangout spot.

Urban Eatery has four kitchens, all with an open plan design where diners get to see the flare behind food preparation. The kitchens include; The Daily, an all day dining café and bistro, Bar Asia which features a noodle bar, sushi and Asian cuisine, Fireplace, offering Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines  and Haandi, an Indian cuisine restaurant with a casual fare. There’s also Mercury, a signature bar, and Yog, which offers natural frozen yoghurt.


This was my first time at Urban Eatery and I was accompanied by three of my colleagues. The extensive menu (one large document with all four kitchens’ menus) was overwhelming and the servers were quick to notice we needed help. Jim came to our rescue and found out what each of us felt like eating and gave helpful recommendations. With the much appreciated assistance from our server, we ordered starters and main course meals from all four kitchens.


The crispy cajun spiced calamari, served with garlic chilli aioli and lightly coated with fried basket was crunchy and I loved the flavour combination of Cajun spice and the garlic chilli aioli condiment. I found myself reaching out to grab more and more pieces of calamari which I happily munched on over conversation with my colleagues. I would definitely have these tasty bitings everyday if I could.


The fried prawns coated with panko bread crumbs and served with chilli soy sauce was another popular dish. The prawns were large and with a squeeze of  lemon juice, the sweet and sour taste was enhanced making them a delicious treat. Last but not least we tried the chicken satay; Indonesian grilled chicken skewers served with a coriander peanut butter sauce. The peanut butter sauce was something I had never tasted before and I was surprised at how incredible the sweetness of the sauce  paired with the saltiness and char of the chicken skewer.

The main course included stir fry red snapper and lamb curry. The red snapper with ginger, garlic and spring onion was served with vegetable fried rice. This was a tasty meal although the fish was a little salty. However the flavours of the fish marinade complimented each other and the fried rice helped to reduce the saltiness of the meal. It is a meal I would definitely have again only without the excess salt.

The lamb curry with naan which I was happy to know was what the President ordered when he visited Urban Eatery with his wife a while back, was an authentic Indian treat. The naan, presented in a cute little basket was soft and buttery and a great accompaniment to the lamb curry. This was a filling dish and the lamb curry was thick and slightly spicy.

We capped off the evening with their new colourful Strawberry and Vanilla freakshakes in. The strawberry freakshake is made of a strawberry milkshake, topped with a dollop of ice cream, strawberries and candy and the vanilla freakshake is made of a creamy vanilla milkshake topped with a freshly baked waffle, whipped cream and vanilla cake. If you have a sweet tooth, or love to Instagram your food, you will want to order one of these.

Urban Eatery recently re-launched their dessert menu which now features classics such as strawberry soft cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, muffins, affogato, carrot cake, banana split, and Indian desserts like gulab jamun and marble rasmalai. This is a perfect spot for groups; whether friends, colleagues or family, if you can’t agree on one cuisine, this plush gourmet food gallery encompasses everyone’s needs.

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