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New Restaurants

New Restaurants In Nairobi You Must Check Out

From dining in the wild to authentic Italian cuisine and specialty made coffee, here are the spanking new restaurants in Nairobi you have...

The Royal Pot at The Monarch Hotel

Business Daily: Royal Feast At The Monarch Hotel

The Royal Pot restaurant at the Monarch Hotel is casual with both inside and outside seating areas. If you go as a group, the terrace area...

IKEA Reveals New Recipe Poster Cook Book!

If you know IKEA, you know that their life’s mission is to simplify things for us. They allow us to get things that we didn’t think we...

History’s Oldest Dessert: The Donut

The donut is possibly the oldest dessert on the entire planet having been developed over two thousand years ago. Back then, it was a Greek...

Drink Smart: Ingenious Straw Detects Date Rape Drugs!

Every day reports are made at police stations of young people being drugged and taken advantage of. As a result, fear brews amongst women...

This Edible Water Bubble Could Be The End Of Plastic Water Bottles!

From plastic bottles to edible water bubbles… This could be the game changer in creating an eco-friendly world! They are referred to...

EatOut, Facebook and Twitter to Host Workshops at SMWi Nairobi

EatOut, Facebook & Twitter To Host Workshops For SMEs At SMWi Conference, Nairobi

EatOut together with Facebook and Twitter will be hosting the second edition of the Social Media Week Independent Nairobi (SMWi 2017), set...

World Gin Day: Raspberry Rose Gin & Tonic Recipe

What you will need: 2/3 punnet raspberries (approximately 2/3 cup) 1/3 cup Bombay Sapphire gin (approximately 80 mls) 3 tablespoons caster...

Burger King Campaign Slammed For Controversial Ad

The latest Burger King campaign ad in Belgium simply did not go according to plan. What started as a campaign strategy that was meant to be...

1,000 Pack Of Beer Unveiled!

Ever gone for so many beer runs that you wished you could by 1,000 beers at a go? Well, thanks to Nokia Panimo, it is now a reality in...

The Grove Beef Medallions Photo Credits-Brian Siambi

Business Daily: Meat And Seafood Haven At The Grove

I walked into the shiny new Executive Residency by Best Western along Riverside Drive not knowing what to expect. I was visiting a brand...


KFC Secret Recipe Revealed!

Yes, that’s right! The holy grail recipe of fried chicken has been found by a reporter named Mr. Jay Jones from the Chicago Tribune!...

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