Amazing Milky Pin-Ups with Nude Models!

Yes you heard/read that right this is just fantastic and creative photography done by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz.

He did it with a high speed camera, nude models and creamy white milk. The pinups will be a compilation of  ‘milky’ photos for a 2014 calender dubbed ”Milky Pin-Ups Calendar

JaroslavJaroslav was inspired to create this illusion by classic pin-ups from the 40’s and 50’s. The full compilation will have 12 photos.

For each  individual  photo, the model is splashed with actual milk and the image is captured with the help of high speed strobes. None of the milk in the pics is illustrated! No  Photoshop  here.

The final photo (allusion)  is created by layering splashes from hundreds of photographs …definitely a lot of patience is  required from the nude model and photographer alike.

The happiest guy here has to be the bloke pouring the milk on the models 🙂'

Inspired|Creative|Innovative praetor of 254

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