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Spicy Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Looking forward to Nairobi Pizza Festival can be tricky. The days don’t seem to move and your craving grows as the days go by. As...

Fire Roasted Maize with Kachumbari

Kenyan Recipe: Fire Roasted Maize with Kachumbari

Maize is a staple in the Kenyan diet and is enjoyed across the country in various forms. Walking through the streets of almost any Kenyan...

chocolate tart recipe

Chocolate Tart Recipe

With its crust, toppings and rich three-fold texture profile, this easy-to-make tart looks somewhat like a pizza, and is a sure way to...

Mini mushroom pizzas recipe

Mini-Mushroom Pizza Recipe

  From mushrooms to spicy pepperoni pizza finished off with a decadent chocolate tart, Chef Amanda shows you how to whip up a yummy...

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