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7 Foodie Kitchen Gifts To Get Your Father

Kitchen Confidential: Whisky Pairing

Chef Ray explores the different flavours of whisky and how it pairs with spice and steak. Plus, he shares a special bourbon bbq sauce...

Kitchen Confidential: Almost Italian

Chef Ray’s passion for Italian cuisine has been evident since his culinary journey began. He gives us an inside look at how to make a...

Kitchen Confidential: Coffee Addict

Chef Ray, a self-proclaimed coffee addict, discusses the coffee culture within restaurants and restaurant kitchens. Ask any chef what keeps...

The perfect burger

#KitchenConfidential: The Perfect Burger

The secret to the perfect burger doesn’t need to be discovered, just choose your meat wisely and maintain a balance of flavours,...

#KitchenConfidential: The Perfect Pair

When it comes to pairing food and wine, one of the main rules that seems logical to Chef Ray Cournede is matching wines to dishes that...

chef's table

Chef’s Table: Lucky You

Chef Ray Cournede reminisces about his years spent working at the Kenyan coast and his excitement for advancements in sustainable seafood...

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