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Fearless Chef: China Town

This month Kiran and the Fearless Chef crew fish in the sacred waters of China’s frozen North East and find the region’s oldest and...

Fearless Chef Kiran Jethwa

Fearless Chef: Chef Kiran Jethwa Makes Ice Cream In The Ethiopia Desert

In this episode of Fearless Chef, Kiran Jethwa faces the inhospitable climate of Northern Ethiopia to visit the giant salt lake Afedra and...

Fearless Chef: Island Paradise

In this episode of Fearless Chef, Chef Kiran Jethwa fishes for prawns during monsoon season and goes toddy tapping in coconut trees 100...

Fearless Chef: Deep Dive

Dive into the Indian Ocean with Chef Kiran as he recounts an adventure to capture a Dogtooth Tuna on the fourth episode of The Fearless...

Fearless Chef: The Hunt

Fearless Chef: The Hunt

Kiran Jethwa is Chef & Co-Owner of Seven Restaurants Ltd, one of Nairobi’s most highly decorated and cosmopolitan restaurants,...

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