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LUnch, Dine or Drink at Caramel and win

Business Daily: Business Lunch Deals Perfect For Lunch Meetings

The entertainment industry would have you believe that most business deals are struck in bars over clinking whisky glasses and Cuban cigars...

Zen Garden: The Ideal Business Talk Location

Looking for the best location for a business based activity such as a team building, conference or forum can be daunting. You have to...

Places To Pop Into For a Business Lunch in Nairobi

Places To Pop Into For a Business Lunch in Nairobi

The Business Lunch is an age-old tradition meant to hammer business deals through fine food in a cool atmosphere. Whether you are having a...

10 Amazing Lunch Deals In Nairobi

When it comes to  picking a good restaurant for a business lunch/meeting it can sometimes be a tricky affair. To make it a little easier...

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