Cheka’s Sashimi Recipe

Clare Karatu

I’ve always known I have an adventurous palate from a very young age. Food was and is, my happy place.  The best part about Cheka was not only the amazing food, but the authenticity of the establishment as a whole; from the traditional seating area, imported brew, to the super fun collaged menu.



  • 100g of fresh salmon fillet
  • 100g of fresh tuna fillet
  • 100g of fresh grouper
  • 50g of white radish
  • 20g of carrot
  • Wasabi and soy sauce



  1. Shred the white radish and carrot
  2. Slice the fish fillet (nice cuts according to your desire)
  3. Place the radish, carrot and fish in a bowl
  4. Serve with Wasabi and soy sauce


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