Italian Night

Anna Kakuba samples Italian Night at Seven Seas Restaurant at the Sheraton, and finds it to be the perfect plot for date night this Valentine’s.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for people to go overboard with affectionate gestures towards their significant other. Flowers, expensive dinner dates, cologne, shopping sprees, you name it. Given how often lovers will get carried away when planning for Valentine’s Day, it baffles me that it isn’t a public holiday already. This time around, Valentine’s Day will be a Tuesday- perfect timing to enjoy the Italian Night, a signature event that happens every Tuesday night from 7pm to 11pm at Seven Seas Restaurant at Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

I had the chance to be a part of this experience which I believe is the perfect setup for a romantic dinner. The restaurant, which was originally opened to serve its clientele with an assortment of seafood dishes, has an interior akin to the ocean with a sky blue roof and a display of various crustaceans in the middle of the dining area. The indoor lighting is minimal to create a cosy ambience for the guests and the outdoor sitting area is next to a fountain which echoes the theme of the “seven seas and seafood” restaurant.

The menu for Italian Night allows guests to order two items from the pasta category and 2 items from the fish or meat section for the second and third courses respectively. This costs Ushs 85,000 per person but does not include drinks. The wait staff can suggest a variety of Italian wines to be paired with your meal and a glass of wine will set you back Ushs 20,000 only.

A large variety of starters is also available to the guests to choose from as they please and includes bruschetta, blue cheese, goat cheese, Gouda and parmesan cheese, salads, grilled courgette, cold cuts, baked carrots, grilled eggplant and butternut squash. The highlight of the starters has got to be the bruschetta. The garlic bread used is toasted and served with a choice  of mushroom toppings and goat cheese or tomatoes and eggplant, my personal favorite being the mushrooms with goat cheese. The grilled courgette slices were a little overcooked, unfortunately, and were soggy. The grilled mixed vegetables were fresh and crunchy with just the right amount of salt and black pepper.

For the second course, I ordered the Gnocchi All’amatriciana. It took a while for the name to roll off of my tongue but not as much time went into eating it. The Gnocchi is made from a pasta dough of mashed boiled potatoes, eggs, parmesan cheese and flour. The dough is then rolled out and chopped into much smaller pieces that are then cooked in the All’amatriciana sauce. The sauce consists of stir fried bacon, onions, tomatoes, chilli, salt and pepper with
bay leaves to add flavour. The bacon is slowly cooked rendering it from the fat and leaving it chewy but soft. The
sauce is thick and a little spicy with flavour from the bay leaf and could also pair well with garlic bread.

I ordered the Pagello-al-forno con Patate for the third course which is baked salmon, tomatoes, crusted potato and olive oil. The salmon is lightly salted and spiced with  black pepper and then baked for 20 seconds on either side. The crusted potatoes are slightly mashed and boiled together with tomatoes, spinach and parsley. The salmon was  soft but needed a little more salt and pepper for flavour. The crusted potatoes paired well with the salmon because of the flavour from the tomatoes, parsley and black pepper.

To top this evening off I had the whisked mascarpone cheese with whipped cream and vanilla. The  dessert had a gelatinous consistency and its taste is heavily influenced by the whipped cream and sugar. Like all food with gelatin, it was very filling but also very delicious.

In addition to the food, the tranquility of this restaurant makes more than ideal for a romantic meal for two. Why not enjoy this year’s feast of love at the Italian experience at Seven Seas Restaurant?

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