Business Daily: New Menu At Jade Coffee and Tea House at Zen Garden

Nothing is more relaxing than having lunch at the plush and serene Zen Garden in Spring Valley on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The stunning landscaped gardens provide the perfect backdrop for Jade’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere which encourages you to linger even after your meal.  Popularly known for their great pizzas, fresh salads and brilliant desserts Jade Coffee and Tea House at Zen Garden is an all day dining restaurant open till 6pm. Its patio set up makes it ideal for families and large groups.

Jade have recently introduced a creative new menu offering more diversity. You can now find unique new light snacks, salads, pasta dishes, burgers and sandwiches that are all a must-try.

We visited Jade with five of my colleagues and being a Saturday, the restaurant was relatively full with families and groups.  From birthday celebrations to friends having a good time, the place was abuzz with laughter and conversation.

As we waited for our meals, we had the chocolate and strawberry Zen freakshakes, peppermint mocha, strawberry and lime iced tea and a mojito. The colourful freakshakes – a monstrous mash up of drink and dessert were topped with cream, wafers, macaroons and a handful of sweets thrown in for good measure-a sure pleasure for a sweet tooth.

Chocolate and Strawberry Freakshake

We shared a selection of four starters; spinach and feta parcels served with homemade chilli, loaded fries and nachos with sour cream, guacamole, spicy salsa, cheddar cheese and olives, golden fried wings served with chive sour cream and a pears and parmesan salad with rocket leaves, dill, fennel and cumin.

Spinach and feta parcels


The pears and parmesan was a crowd pleaser. It is an elegant yet simple salad and I loved how everything blended creating a great taste sensation. The pears slices were slightly firm and contrasted with the soft texture of parmesan. This is a salad I will definitely be going back for.

Pears and Parmesan Salad

Halfway stuffed, it was time to indulge in the main course which comprised of the meatball linguine with seasoned ground beef tossed in a tomato sauce, fish o fillet burger with rocket leaves and homemade tartar sauce, served with fries, the Jade club sandwich with grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomato and the chicken schnitzel served with green beans and creamy mashed potatoes.

Meatball Linguine

The meatball linguine delivered big on flavour. It was a simple, wholesome dish with a rich smooth sauce which was absorbed into the meatballs, infusing them with flavour. The Jade club sandwich was well balanced; all the flavours were profound. The chicken schnitzel made with lightly crumbed fillets was tender, plump and with a fine texture. The meals were served in generous portions and we all had the leftovers packed to-go.

Jade Club Sandwich

Dessert was a spectacular surprise; featuring the tiramisu cake and profiteroles filled with chocolate and caramel gelato. The tiramisu was rich, moist and creamy and the golden pastry puffs were soft and oozed delicious and creamy gelato. After such a fantastic experience, we walked away satisfied and ready to jump into the weekend.

Tiramisu cake and Profiteroles filled with chocolate and caramel gelato

The new menu at Jade showcases the chef’s talent and creativity. His ability to manipulate flavours and create exceptional delicacies is unmatched. Jade is an all-day, casual restaurant that serves breakfasts, brunches, light lunches, snacks and pizzas. If you are a lover of exotic teas and specialty coffees, you need to be a regular at Jade.  It is a great spot to relax during the weekend and unwind as you enjoy the uniquely landscaped gardens and serenity at Zen Garden.

Photos-Tatiana Karanja

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