Business Daily: Royal Feast At The Monarch Hotel

The Royal Pot restaurant at the Monarch Hotel is casual with both inside and outside seating areas. If you go as a group, the terrace area would be ideal as it is more spacious, with a live grilling station where you can watch the chef perform his culinary magic.

I recently got an invite to visit the halaal restaurant and together with my colleagues, who are always up for a good plan, we made our way to Rose Avenue in Kilimani. Sampling Royal Pot’s menu, our party of six tried a variety of chef selected dishes including their famous meat platter.

We started with a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes; tandoori chicken, stir-fried sizzling beef with vegetables served with fried rice, daal and naan. The tandoori chicken was the favourite of the table. All the flavours were bold and distinct making it a savoury dish to remember. The daal, made with black lentils and red kidney beans cooked in butter and cream was served with soft butter naan bread. The Indian delicacy was creamy and mildly spiced making it easy to taste the flavours.

The Royal Pot at The Monarch Hotel

Tandoori Chicken

The Royal Pot at The Monarch Hotel

Daal served with soft butter naan bread

The Royal Pot at The Monarch Hotel

Stir fried sizzling beef with vegetables served with fried riceNext up, we had the legendary royal meat platter with grilled lamb chops, beef skewers, chicken drumsticks, king fish, red snapper fillet, beef sausages and San Francisco chicken wings, served with a side of fries. When the server laid the platter on the table, everyone went silent for a few seconds. It was at that specific moment that I understood why the meat platter is so famous; it’s the main attraction of the restaurant. As if the platter wasn’t enough, a plate of deep fried whole tilapia, garnished with a shallots, tomato and coriander sauce, served with ugali and spinach was brought out soon after. It was indeed a royal feast.

The Royal Pot at The Monarch Hotel

Royal Platter

Pictures taken and Instagram posts done, the moment of truth was upon us. Being a crew of food lovers, more so meat lovers, we were up for the challenge. We however secretly wished our male colleagues had come with us to help us win the battle that lay in front of us.

The different meats were tender and charred with a smoky taste while the fish was seared in delicious juices. This is a meat-lovers delight you must experience. The realisation that we could not finish the meal set in and we requested to have the left-overs packed to-go. After battling and losing to the royal feast and recovering from the loss, it was time to head home and crash on the bed, defeated.

Royal Pot restaurant has a diverse menu; whether you are in the mood for Italian, Chinese, Indian, seafood or steak, they’ve got you covered.

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